Christine Griffin


Bourbon, blood, coffee and laundry detergent (aka: oils, graphite and digital)



Twitter: cgriffinart

Instagram: christinegriffinart

Tumblr: christinegriffinart

Facebook: cris.griffin.9

Q: Why do you make art?

A: I can't solve for 'x'. Art is what I've always done, and what I always intend to do. Them's the facts. I make art to get the images out of my brainpan and into the world, so they'll leave me alone.

Q: What draws you to occult or esoteric topics in art?

A: When I was a kid, it was an attempt to conquer my fears. Now? It's a gravitational pull. I'm fascinating by the ugly parts of beauty, and the beautiful parts of ugliness. The occult ... those things that whisper to our subconscious and defy science, are the stuff of mystery and wonder. They are whatever we fancy them to be. They're our magic, in the face of a plastic, increasingly superficial world.

Q: What is your favorite occult, esoteric, or mythical concept? Why?

A: Monsters. Phantasms. Things that go bump in the night. American folk tales. I was raised in West Virginia, and there's just something primeval about the area. Between the rusted-out trucks and the smothering kudzu, the fog issuing from the valleys and the people who refuse to leave those hollers, a sense of otherness hangs on like the humidity. The Veil is thinner there, I'm sure of it. I take that awareness with me wherever I go.