Dailen Ogden


Digital primarily, but also ink and gouache


Website: dailenogdenillustration.com

Twitter: dailenogden

Instagram: dailendailen

Tumblr: dailen-ogden-illustration

Facebook: DailenOgdenIllustration

Patreon: theliminalcomic

Q: Why do you make art?

A: That question is probably too big to fit into a single paragraph, but the short answer is that I do it because I need to. It's just a part of me.

Q: What draws you to occult or esoteric topics in art?

A: Probably the same thing that draws people to the occult and esoteric in life--it's beautiful, and mysterious, and it makes me feel powerful.

Q: What is your favorite occult, esoteric, or mythical concept? Why?

A: Werewolves are my absolute favorite. I am constantly drawn, again and again, to the idea of being able to shed one's skin and in doing so connect with an entirely other facet of the world. The thought of being able to let go of human anxieties and emotions in favor of becoming something else entirely has appealed to me since I was young.