Kira Night





Twitter: NeonPolygon

Instagram: kiranight_art

Tumblr: kiranightart

Q: Why do you make art?

A: I have never been a particularly expressive person and verbal communication can be somewhat of a struggle sometimes. But with art, my vocabulary seems so much greater, and I can more confidently convey emotions that I can’t always find the right words for. That artistic outlet has always been important to me, and for most of my life I created art only for myself, my drawings filled sketchbooks that no one else saw. I wouldn’t share my work with my parents, and many of my drawings were hidden from my friends.

Now I share my artwork much more readily, and the desire to make art has only grown stronger, to the point of being a compulsion. I have so many ideas I just have to capture! Communicating to people in this way is strange and thrilling, and I love the idea that someone could parse a snippet of a story or feel moved when looking at my work. However, at its heart, art making is still a personal, somewhat cathartic outlet for me, and I don’t think I could stop even if I tried.

Q: What draws you to occult or esoteric topics in art?

A: I am obsessed with the idea of something outside of our realm of existence or outside of what society deems as “normal”. Many of these themes (especially anything magical or paranormal) imbue me with a deep sense of awe and curiosity—along with the occasional dose of unease. This makes for a powerful concoction of inspiration that I find intensely motivating.

Q: What is your favorite occult, esoteric, or mythical concept? Why?

A: I've always been particularly attracted to paranormal themes, so I’d have to say ghosts and similarly shadowy apparitions! Although I don’t believe in ghosts, the concept of various spirits wandering around or communicating with our world has always been quite thrilling to me—maybe because my family would watch TV shows about hauntings when I was young! Spirits and their existence alongside the living are so delightfully strange and I find it fascinating that humans have had so many varied ideas about ghosts and the dead all throughout history.