R. Asterion


Colored pencil, graphite, Photoshop


Website: rebeccadgeorge.com

Twitter: rebeccadgeorge

Instagram: rebeccadgeorge

Tumblr: rebeccadgeorge

Q: Why do you make art?

A: I like to make things. In art or writing, you can be the creator and the destroyer of your own personal canon. in your own world, you're essentially omnipotent -- you can do whatever you want.

Q: What draws you to occult or esoteric topics in art?

A: I find it really interesting from a historical standpoint. The way that people have assigned meaning to all sorts of symbols and phenomena is so cool to me.

Q: What is your favorite occult, esoteric, or mythical concept? Why?

A: Kabbalah and numerology: overly intricate angelic hierarchies! Math as magic! Basically, anything with really distinct iconography/rules and a huge amount of history. Alchemy is a close second.