Stevie Schafer





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Q: Why do you make art?

A: There's a floating feeling I get when I walk out of an amazing movie. The thrum of the credit music carries the mood of the film through me and into the rest of my day. That feeling is a sort of freedom. When I am inspired by good stories or art, I feel like my perspective widens and for a moment, I believe that more is possible than before. I make art to show myself and others that there is more possible than just what we believe.

Q: What draws you to occult or esoteric topics in art?

A: The occult is the perfect vehicle for possibility because it is about the unseen. I love the idea of tapping into something greater than the solid world we know to explore the human experience.

Q: What is your favorite occult, esoteric, or mythical concept? Why?

A: I really love Tarot because it combines intuition with visual art. The act of using Tarot to help another person understand a situation is inherently connecting, but can also serve to help them see things from a wider perspective. In my original world, Weatherwax Coven, the witches use the Tarot to understand the possibilities of the future, not one set outcome.